#RandomMusings. ‪#‎DayofEndingVioleneceAgainstWomen‬‪



I hope that one day, in my lifetime, there won’t be a need to have a day dedicated to #‎EndingVioleneceAgainstWomen‬

Dear beloved sister-friend, if you close your eyes real tight, and shut out the chatter of the world within and around you, I want you to allow yourself remember a time, pre creation, in a timeless dimension, when you were Queen. The daughter of a King. The co-heiress of a kingdom.

If you relaxed enough and become STILL, you will know and remember that time, for that time is always NOW. Walk like the goddess you are, be so rooted in your worthiness and completeness and WHOLENESS that your energetic spaces repels anyone who dares think you lower than you really are or seeks to use force or violence against you. 

Remember WHO and WHOSE you are. You are imperfectly perfect; perfectly imperfect in your WHOLENESS. BE the queen of your own space. Honour the one in whose image you were created. NEVER allow yourself be treated with anything less that dignity, respect and honour. WE teach others HOW to treat us. BE the queen you were called to be.

BE the daughter of a King of Kings. It is your fundamental Woman right to be Loved, cherished and adored. ABUSE and VIOLENCE are not things to be settled for or rationalized or justified. You deserve better and deep down you know it. Simple close your eyes, inhale; exhale and beam out your true essence to the world. I know that sometimes you forget that YOU are queen.

I do not say anything new. I seek to simply remind you of who you truly are. Beloved sister-friend, sometimes the world convinces you with its lies of your brokenness and fractured state. It is a fallacy. OWN your truth and walk your truth. In love were you created, with love were you moulded, through love were you redeemed. At your core, you are love. You were made for love!

YOU are a Queen, so chin up! Spine straight! Sway those hips! Embrace your twin peaks! Adorn your face with a smile and your spirit with graciousness and empathy! Immerse yourself in some perfumed oils! Walk into the room with an invisible crown on your head and OWN the damn space!

Only what we allow persist. You always have a CHOICE. Wisdom is always available as a trusted companion. You will find her when you have the courage to think, speak, act and live your truth. How dare anyone lay a finger on this epitome of majesty that you are? Rise up dear sister-friend and honour your temple.  ‪#DoNOTSettle4ABUSE #LoveDoesNotSeek2PunishAndHurt #IfItDemeansAndDegradesYourTempleItisNOTLove

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