#115. Floetry by JulietKego: A Forgotten Queen

Queen Amina

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Floetry by JulietKego: A Forgotten Queen

They rave about flame-haired Elizabeth
Gush about her kingdoms from afar,
teach their children to read up on her,
watch reels of her history
And keep no memory of my Zazzau or me,
Of my armies, of my many wars and victories

They will talk of her lovers,
of beloved Robert, powerful and fine.
And pretend not to know names of any of mine
They will talk of Gloriana’s treasures, gifts
to the world of commerce, music and arts.
But no memories of fond nicknames 
for me
They will never mention that as Queen
I created many trade routes and links,
seeded and harvested the first Kolanuts of life
Made merchants of men and kudi for Kings

They will call her the Virgin-Queen
One who never took a husband
And forget that I refused one too
They will remember Henry, her father
But they forget beloved Bakwa, my mother
You see, they won’t ever mention my name,
or speak of my truth,
for I make a messy mockery of their lies

They will remember all their Kings
And forget that I reigned as warrior Queen
You must tell the little girls about me
the ones they force to marry at thirteen
Warn the little boys about me
That there will be many more armies of me
Tell the one who bears my name
(And was sentenced to stoning for laying with a man)
That once as queen I had empires bow to me
from the kingdoms of Kano to Nupe to Zaria

And it is because of me that they fear her power
And seek to break her will but stand, she will
Tell them of me,
remind all my lost daughters
That I’m not folklore, I was here, I was real
Tell them to arise like Northern Suns,
for I stand with them.
And in their memories, in their fearless talk
and in their regal walk
I, a forgotten Queen,
shall live and birth more queens.


(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido


4 thoughts on “#115. Floetry by JulietKego: A Forgotten Queen

  1. sentenced to stoning………….for laying with man
    not folklore………….was real.This is very inspiring and amazing verse.Amina spoken.I remember how was I shocked when I heard that she was sentenced to death stoning.I was curious to know what she might be thinking.After years I happened to her voice.


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