#RandomMusings: Dear Isa, celebrating the eloquence of us…



Dear Isa,

Tell the one whose name you bear that I am grateful for today. Was that you in the soft rains on my face? In the breeze at the back of my earlobe? Filling my heart with quiet when it started to race? They asked so many questions Isa.

I started out mumbling, I was overwhelmed. All day, I’ve tithered between excitement and anxiety. Until you whispered in my right ear, laughingly telling me to calm down and breathe with you. And you called me a crazy child! Me? Oh Isa! And then suddenly, I remembered the eloquence of us. I found my voice. There was no fear only the dreams leading me. Our dreams. And then, they asked me why? Why do I do this? Why is it important? Why should they care? I almost gave them a canned answer. A correct one.

And then I felt you pinch my left cheeks. Ha! You eh. You’ve not changed. Not here or there. I’d have thought Gabe or Rafe will straighten you out. Anyway, I loved that you did. Pinch me lightly that is. It made me laugh out loud. And then I told them why. I told them about you. How we met. How we dreamt. How we slept on only pillows of dreams. How you left. How I wept. And how the tears dried up and the dreams welled up.

How I remember everything we spoke about. How I do this for you. For me. For us. For the teenage kids that found what people seek in lifetimes. How I’ll always be that child; untouched and starry-eyed. How you knew your place in the world and showed me mine too. (Even though half the time I thought you were mad).

How I met another mad soul like you and was reminded of the beauty of you. Of us. Of this. To love unconditionally. No walls. No expectations. How I recognize now the magic and the madness. I’m so sorry. I never understood then. I had no reference for us. I had no language for a love like this.

And they wept, Isa. I spoke simply. With truth. No embellishments. Just pure. What was. What I feel now. I finally found the words. They wept. How they wept. And I wept too. It was a long meeting, Isa. Thank you for being there with me. The dreams don’t scare me anymore. They are you. They are us. So, thank you.

Always here,

❤ Jules

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