Floetry by JulietKego: 15 of 77 HAIKU & SENRYU Verses

#15. The Climb
Lost in a plateau
We cannot climb the mountains
Love’s legs got tired.
#14. Paradox
Hot taste of your spring
The winter of your cold heart
Strangers and Lovers.
#13. RACE
We will both outrun.
The shadows of love’s sunsets
Chasing our sunrise.
Save the last verses
I will wait to hear your voice
When I’m seventy
Stirred and burnt
I felt licking flames of love
Magic and Madness
#10. Goodbye
I feel your distance
I taste your goodbye kisses
I hear hearts breaking.
#9. Falling in Fall
Burnt-Orange, Brown hues
The colours of falling leaves
Season of our love
#8. Reflections
You are my mirror
I see the promise of me
Reflected in you
#7. Letting Go
Your fingers laced hers….
Your lives meshed together.
No room for me here
#6. Unlocked
No locks on my door
A hole where my heart once was,
Nothing left to steal.
#5. If I Die in Baga
Do not bury me
Here in Baga, they kill us
And spit on our graves.
#4. Home
Delta to North-East
mothers hold their daughters down
to be raped by fathers.
#3. Thirst 
I’d have died of thirst
Then drank you; prayer potion
You brought me to life.
#2. Blown up Hearts
In their broken hearts
They found many ticking bombs
All shattered with love…
#1. Witness
I was standing there
When dusk kissed dawn in goodbye
My leaves soaked their tears.
(C) Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

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