Random Musings by @JulietKego: A little note on forgiveness.

“Forgiveness is the sterilization of the soul, the cleansing of the mind and the liberation of the heart.” ~ Pope Francis
May God bless the Pope and all those in positions of authority and influence.

There are some key pieces to forgiveness that are important to highlight:

-If you can’t forgive others, it pre-supposes that you also can’t forgive yourself. We are all reflections of one another. Refusing to forgive is basically you choosing to still be caught in the negative field of the event, or series of events. You become the prisoner;

-Forgiveness is the birthplace of Empathy and Compassion. However, it should not be a forced declaration rather something that grows organically. Allow yourself the time to process and heal your pain. This involves the ability to look back on the situation and get all the POSITIVE learnings (and they are always there). This is when wisdom births;
-Be patient with people who vehemently refuse to forgive. The unconscious basis of that decision is often FEAR. (Fear of being hurt again, fear of trusting again, fear of not putting up enough defensive walls to protect themselves);
-Forgiving someone who’s hurt you or done you wrong does not mean you must necessarily become close or best of friends with that person again. You can forgive unconditionally and simply choose to let them go (with love in your heart). It is okay to embrace the fact that some relationships evolve. Sometimes the best decision is to let people go;
-Forgiveness is a DECISION. Grace kicks in after you’ve decided to forgive. And even if you still habour traces of anger, sadness, shame, hurt…be gentle with yourself and the other party. With time, grace avails itself and you’ll wake up one day and see or think about that person and suddenly realize, you’re free; the hurt or pain is totally dissolved. Choose to forgive and let go. ~ Cyber-hugs, ❤ Jules

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