Random Musings: On the vexing Issue of comparison aka “My Mercedes is Better (and bigger) Than Yours”

Power of Art 

To free us from expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves – there lies the great, the singular power of self-respect.
~Joan Didion

WWN Reflections by JulietKego: On the vexing Issue of comparison: A wise mentor (Casey James Combden), often mentions that the basis of all unhappiness is comparison. Underlying the seeming starkness of what it is each of us does, it is important to remember that there’s an alchemy to everything.

There’s an art to everything, there’s the heart of everything. Everyone has value. The teacher no less than the doctor, the singer of love ballads no less than the revolutionary/rock singer. The janitor no less important than the CEO. Everyone gifts the other something and in that exchange, the real artistry of our humanity is born.

For instance, the movie ‘The Notebook’ evokes in me, such universal themes of Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Sacrifice etc. just as much as ‘Schlinder’s List’. Same medium, two very different genre, yet a unique commonality. I can get an AHA moment watching a Walt Disney production as I would a James Cameron flick.

There’s often this misunderstood saying that speaks to alignment and often erroneously alluded to comparison. The notion that “All fingers are not created equal.” In its truest meaning, this suggests the differences that exist and how we are better and bigger because of it. It is not about one being better than the other (at least in my books).

The thumb cannot do what the forefinger or pinkie can do, and rightly so. The artists who sings stirring love songs brings as much consciousness as the one who sings rock songs. It pained me today to see someone pick at another’s CHOICE of artistic expression, in a veiled attempt to diminish the value they offer. If all pistons in a car shot at exactly the same vibration, there would be inertia; no movement at all!

The different instruments in an orchestra cannot play at exactly the same tempo. If not, you’ll have chaos and not sublime beauty. Every artist (or art form) is a piece of God’s orchestra. The violinist brings something unique, just as well the pianist, percussionist, cellist, drummer….All of life is synchronistic poetry in motion. Everyone adds value to the process. Every flavour counts.

There’s the obvious unique talent/gift, polished skill and developed ability, that every artist (or human being has). However, it takes so much more to have the soul of a true artist. The essence of art is to open up new pathways of consciousness/awareness, how we see/experience beauty, light, darkness…art in its truest form is symbolic of who we innately are. Be it music, painting, poetry, dance, philosophy, cooking, designing, comedy, fashion etc…

Every artist reflects a different dimension of others in the community. Frost and Shakespeare, Bronte sisters and Sylvia Platt, Mozart and Beethoven….different styles yet profound in their legacy to the world. Does the abstract nature of Jackson Pollock’s work deter or diminish Pablo Picasso’s cubism techniques? Genres are fluid and are matter of personal choices and inclination. To suggest for instance that a love sonnet is far inferior to a revolutionary dirge is to lose the point entirely, about the reverence that all forms of art evoke and aspire to.

We may compare or critique the quality of people’s work. That is how we grow and evolve. However, to actually indicate that one genre is ‘less worthy’ than another or that an artist SHOULD choose a particular style is both insensitive and sad. And the answer is not to direct anger at the people who hold this model of the world but rather, to show compassion towards them.

They are truly missing the salient point about the beauty/power of art. ART simply is. And to anyone out there who may be facing any form of disrespect over their choices (as artists or human beings), hold on to the eternal words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” And we ask, that you simply continue to co-create magic!

In art, unlike in science, brilliance is intrinsically more of a function of emotional intelligence than intellectual intelligence. After all, isn’t the role of the artist ultimately to raise us to a higher resonance of vibration in our collective humanity?

What has form or genre or style got to do with evoking the core of humanity? Who we are BEING when we do what we do, is always far more important than what we are DOING. ‪#‎BELoved‬!

(If you are an artist, your job is to simply create. If you’re a writer, write). And in all of these, remember to BE human, like they say, we are human BEINGS and not human DOINGS!

Dream wonderful dreams and co-create your unique flow in life; co-create with God! ~ Cyber-hugs, Jules #TheReminderist


Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

Love, Light & Truth!

Co-Founder, Whole WoMan Network

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