#85: Floetry by JulietKego: President Onfoloke

President Buhari

Tell the traveler to tell us not
tales of foreign sights and voices
And stranger touches and tastes
Tell him instead to fill our
heavy, hopeful hearts

With the lightness of non-careless banter
tucked between solid promises and plans

Tell him we wait as we’ve always waited
For the change drummed up before Jega’s war
of ballots amid bullets and grenades
And now we fear we’ve been robbed and cheated
Singing discordant tunes of 97:3 ratios
Parading a team filled with kith and kin
Forgetting that what is good may not be right
What is right may not always be for the good
Forcing us to pause and question if
the one who left and the one who comes,
Are they then not one and the same?

Same dung of bullshit, with different smells?
Surrounded by greedy political court jesters
and local champions, these charlatans
Parading as prizes their handshakes
With Kenya’s beloved and gifted son
Caught in webs of deceits, greed and blame
As we wait and watch, we die each day
at the mud-sliding and backsliding
Of the ones we once revered
They abandon us here and go
abegging in foreign lands
Where they look at us with veiled disdain
As they lean in to listen to us with strain

And they sell lies of returning our loot
Tell the traveler his pace re-opens our pain
Did he not prepare ahead
to treat our deep, diseased wounds
Four by four years he had to get ready
Was it not for this that we chose him
To stay right here at our bedside
and aggressively fight the diseases
within our ravaged bodies;
Healing the land of the cancers
of corruption and terrorism,
slowly eating and killing us all away
Please Sir, let us stay here together
and rebuild our homeland.

#IAMStillCautiouslyHopeful 🙂

(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

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