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African Writer

I stumbled upon a website (http://www.africanwriter.com), and I found it to be a wonderful resource for writers, poets, damatists…it is a community dedicated to promoting African writers (at home and in the diaspora), and their distinct, original voices/talents to the world.

On further exploring of the website, I realized why it had a deja vu air about it. Well, it turns out that few years ago, I had submitted a few of my poems to their website and had been lucky to have my work featured on their online platform.

To all writers of African origin who are seeking sustainable and effective channels to showcase their creativity, I highly recommend Africanwrite.com as a good space to share your work and also explore (and enjoy) the works of other talented and passionate writers.

It has a potpourri of everything: Poetry, Fiction, Features, Reviews, Drama, Interviews with creative artists and videos of poets, authors and other practitioners reading samples of their work.

In the words of the founder and webmaster, Sola Osofisan, this as an organic, grassroots movement:

“We started this journey back in 1999 as the Writers Write category of another website, Nigeriansinamerica.com. But the section quickly assumed a life of its own and in the year 2003, we moved all the literary entries to this domain, Africanwriter.com.

Here we are today, so many years later, still as welcoming of adventurous writing as ever, and still featuring works by emerging as well as established African writers and critics. The writers here, scattered across the globe – from Nigeria to the ivory towers of Frankfurt – remain united by their African root and hopes and the unyielding umbilical cord of their creativity. Africanwriter.com welcomes contributions dare to add your voice to the gathering thunder…”

~Sola Osofisan – Webmaster

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