#81. The Art of Nothingness

Eko Hotels Poolside

Today, we sway to the poetry of nothingness.

No lists. No check marks. No counters. No timers.

Today, we watch the colours of the butterflies

And listen to the rhythmic sounds of crickets

And feel the cool warmth whispered in the winds

Today, is the day you choose to take the time

and spend time in the wholeness of your soul,

in the hidden broken pieces you drag in tow;

the forgotten, buried and often ignored parts.


The damning shadows and the flaming light;

find, embrace and love them all in the silence.

It may not often make sense,

but it will always sense-make….

The parts you left behind,

those missing pieces that you must find

in the quietness of silent sounds

so that the noisy turmoil shall finally cease

and your spirit all of life’s moments may seize.

Search inside yourself.

Search shallow and deep waters.

The answers you seek are always within.

Embrace the magic of nothingness.

To think not and simply BE.


© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
(All rights reserved).

[Image is the author’s, and is copyright free].

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