#78. Between the old and the status quo

Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido Poem Between the old and the status quoPray tell, what is the choice?
Are we to choose between
a maze and a labyrinth?
Lost in confusing patterns
So many road, so many traps
Or the lone road that leads
To a place we know not yet.

Show us which way to go Lord
We are lost, hopeless and confused
Are we to go forward into the boiling abyss,
the left-over carnage of greed and corruption?
We have slowly become citizens trapped in a zoo!
And a clueless zoologist along with his assistants,
prod and poke us in apathy, leaving behind
Scars from the verbal missiles of Madam Peace.

Do we then go back in defeat,
backwards to the dark ways
Willingly step into forgotten
old orders, of chains and bullets?
Speaking in misunderstood
tongues to the old man
who seems to speak our truth.
But he’s disconnected from us
Yes, we view him in suspicion.
He’s surrounded by familiar wolves
who pillaged and greedily took of our cake.
So many decades and yet he did not raise us,
teach us, or build us up, to take his place
From my birth, through my youth, till today
He alone in the spotlight, hmmmnnn….
Tssk! Na only him waka come?

They both burnt and bombed us
And neither ever fought for us
Now they come to beg for votes.
They bribe us with bags of rice
and packs of recharge cards,
make up empty promises and faked up lies.
Yes, now they come to tell us stories
Haba! Story! Story! Story!

So perhaps we will not choose
We go just siddon kampe dey look
Like Luke and his cup of lucozade
and watch both of them self-destruct.
We all created this madness
Let us all drown in the darkness,
together we die, together we rise.

But if na by fire, by force, say we must vote,
We must all then choose nation over both.
And because we are a nation at war,
I will choose a real General with true integrity,
a quiet and steely mien, to lead us on to victory
Because our numbers #1 enemy still remains
these crude terrorism and cancerous corruption!

And sadly, maybe neither one of them is (s)he.
Caught between the old and the status quo
Sometimes, the options give us no choice
Same bullshit, simply different smells
Just vote wisely, and choose the smell you can handle
Let us all pray and focus on re-building our beloved Naija
For me, because we’re a nation at twin wars, I CHOOSE
the General in his fourth attempt, to go forth and lead!

(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido 2015 (All rights reserved).

[Image source: Author’s, self-created; copyright-free content]

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