#76. Brassière


Warcoal Red Bra PoemWarcoal, Warcoal,

I’d never expected

You’d fit snugly so!

Caressing my skin

in tan nudes, whites, reds

and dark colours of charcoal.

Laces and sexy strings

fancy, pearly, pretty things.

Coyly, hints of little peeks

shown here and there,

– in the exciting valleys

between those twin peaks.

Come marvel at this magic,

I’m standing taller, firmer,

all rosy, creamy, smooth,

my juicy melons, succulent so!

‘Tis but crazy alchemy you work.

Bodacious broads past forty

transformed into lithe lasses,

strutting our kinky, hot stuff.

Faithfully you hold my twin perks up

Never falling south in defeat to time

Oh Warcoal, Warcoal,

Firmly, gently, ever so lovingly

you hold and support me so.

Victoria can keep her little secrets

She doesn’t hold a candle to you! 🙂


(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido 2015 (All rights reserved).

[Picture source: Shutterstock]

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