#73. Celebrating Death

Sometimes, we must have the courage to allow the pain

of losing a loved one flow naturally through our being.

Embracing death brings about a deeper healing

when we surrender and accept to let go of spirits gone

Know that their work here on earth is already done.

Let the mourning complete its cycle and season

Sometimes, we must willingly yield and entertain

the thought, that it is only in losing the ones we love,

that we begin to seek and find our true inner selves.

Let not their tributes and obituaries collect dust on shelves.

They, whom we have loved and lost

temporary disappear into the ethers

and become one with the air, only to reappear

through our loving memories and our thoughts.


For everything and everyone in life transforms

and every ending births a beginning, a new turn.

Mourn with grace and avail your spirit to his grace

Deep despair and desolation you must avoid

for every time we fall into the pit of the void,

we emerge with the beauty of the light

One with the source, lit up, we’re a glorious sight.

Nothing is ever taken away that will not return.


So go on and mourn, weep, wail and cry

and then rejoice, laugh, dance and glorify

the dead in the living they left behind.

Know ye that all things created are eternal

Celebrate death and the life it births to life

Death is the passage that carries our dreams

Pay attention to death and you will find

That death is the force that fuels life

Life and death are twin windows of creation.

(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido 2015 (All rights reserved).

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