#69. Of Murphy’s Law and Mmuo Nso’s Law

They tell me about science

of logical, rational thinking:

of Proofs and Evidence,

about Principles and Theories,

on Thesis and Hypotheticals.

And with it, they try really hard

to explain the mysteries of life.

They try to speak to me

about Tables and Hierarchies,

Periodic Elements and Compounds.

Valiantly mixing and measuring

the vibrant realities of life,

in the sterile walls of a laboratory.


They tell me about Gravity’s law

of going up and falling down.

Of Mazlo’s triangular chart,

how our needs change and evolve,

and how people bond and slowly grow apart.

And then they talk about Murphy’s law

and of everything simply going wrong

in every way, every shape and in every form.


And then, I spoke to them

about Mmuo Nso’s Law,

existing pre creation and eternal.

Pre-dating all religion and traditions.

Even our ancestors recognized as chi;

Cup holder of Chi-Ukwu, a Master’s master-frame,

perfecting everything and everyone in its way.

And giving meaning to things and mysteries

that even all of science can never explain.


Yes, I spoke to them of my truth

that once, long ago, their world was my world

But now I am slowly, patiently learning

to blend both the formless and the formed

To surrender to the mysteries around and within,

and to be still, accepting there’s more beyond what’s seen

Murphy’s law and Mmuo Nso’s law, not competing in anyway

The latter illuminating the former; bringing light, making a way.

And because sometimes, HIS angels come down to dance with me

I spoke to them about Mmuo Nso’s law, and of mysteries such as these

and can you believe it? They actaully stayed STILL and listened to me!

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, 2015 (All rights reserved).


[Mmuo Nso: An Igbo language word (in Nigeria), which means the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost]

[chi: An Igbo language word which refers to an individual’s personal god or deity, (notice that it is spelled with a smaller alphabet ‘c’, suggesting that ‘chi’ is lesser than the main deity Chi]

[Chi-Ukwu or Chukwu: An Igbo language word for GOD, which loosely translates to the ‘mighty chi’ or the greatest of all gods]

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