#60. Race on! Race on!

They all wear a mean, unkind, greedy, selfish face,
but it’s a well crafted mask, hiding a secret shame.
Look keenly, deeply and you’re sure to find
behind the pain, we’re all really just the same.

BE patient and slowly, slowly, strip the cover,
off the profiler, predator and mercy-killing-lover,
Torn apart by race and yet of one lost human race

Someday, you may meet again, after the healing’s done.
Today, walk away with love in your heart, wish them well.
Let not your anger rise and misery swell.

What they are to you, you are to someone else.
Yes, we all grow at a different, self-determined pace,
yet we’re still part of one lost and found human race!
So race on! race on! Go on! Go on! Get to your finish line.

(c) ‘Kego Onyido 2014 (All rights reserved).

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