#59. Let’s go to Thuso

Disability is not Inability

Come, come, and let us go

through the eyes of time’s portals,

to the magical, ancient land of Thuso,

where ordinary (wo)men, mere mortals

dare to do the sacred work of angels and saints.

Let’s go and visit the shrine, and behold the oracles

Come let’s celebrate and bear witness to life’s miracles;

blinded eyes, filled with love, wondrous works do so create,

limp, lame limb, fueled by fires of creation, sculpts and paints.

Come, and let’s reclaim our humanity and our spirit rehabilitate.

Come, come, and let us go to Thuso.

In her healing waters let’s be drenched,

our souls’ hunger and thirst, finally quenched.

In this feast of silence, words, music and sacred dance,

let’s lose ourselves in Nomkhubulwane’s mysterious trance,

Listen to sacred clicking sounds, deep from ancestors’ lips torn.

Come, come and let’s watch Peacock’s daughter share her inner light,

reminding us that we all weave one single tapestry, a mosaic of perfection.

Come, come, and let us go now, to the ancient, magical, healing land of Thuso!

(c) ‘Kego Onyido 2014 (All rights reserved).

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