#57. Love’s Long hike!

Love Poems Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido Poet, Speaker, AuthorSongs of silence,

silent tearless cries,

from bloodless, hollow heart,

dreaming deadweight dreams,

in an empty, shallow, soulless spirit.

Sunken, dead eyes, staring blankly,

into the stark, eerie empty silence,

interrupted by heaving sighs and

pregnant pauses, never birthing words.


Love took a hike and just kept on going.

These caked footprints, so many months old,

the damning evidence, that love’s really gone, cold!

This is the sad and sorry aftermath

of love cowardly escape!


Drowning tears, heavy, sinking spirit,

lethargic, lifeless limbs,

tightness right in the middle,

in this contracted, constricted chest,

sunken cheeks and pursed lips,

that kissed blindly and tasted the lie

and now, struggling to recall a smile.


All that’s left to do now,

is to crawl into this self-dug hole.

Breathe! Sleep! Drink! Eat! Pray, how?

Feeding the empty chasm,

the hunger of this self-fueling pain

growing bigger and bigger still.


Unquenchable thirst!

Leaving me unhinged, unraveled, un-me,

separated, no longer quite myself

This beautiful home, now a space in limbo

For ghosts of memories and souls afloat,

suspended between the damned living, dead!


These are not mere signs

‘Tis the damning proof,

of love’s eternal long hike,

Gone! On a one-way ticket ride,

Yes, love’s never coming back.

(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido 2014 (All rights reserved).


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