#56. Who’s Laughing Now?

MayaWho’s Laughing Now?

We, the flock, can smell

That bullshit you’re trying to sell.

Don’t think for a moment that we don’t know

that you’re putting up a hell of a fake ass show.

We came here today, exactly for this;

You are our escape from madness, our seventh day of bliss.

So dance, preacher man, dance and entertain us,

and work damn hard for our ten percent!

Hey, preacher man, don’t justify or waste our time,

we’re not here to judge or share the loot from your crime.

Work those jerry curls, fast-walking, smooth-talking moves,

C’mon and weave your phony tales; you’re anointed and heaven-sent!

We make a sad, hopeless, funny pair, you and I,

The lost and the blind, both trapped in a dirty, ugly, truthful lie.


We, the citizens, can clearly see,

that silly smokescreen you’re trying to pull.

We’re in this together, swimming in your rotten cesspool.

Don’t imagine for a second that we’ve fallen,

for your empty rhetorics and insidious politricks.

So c’mon politician man, let’s talk contract, cuts and fees:

Give me a little rice, bread and blanket for today,

in exchange, I’ll let you !*ck up my life, without pay!

We make a sick, hopeless, greedy pair, you and I,

you give false promises in exchange for my deadly STDs.


We, the runs and side chicks, can fully taste,

the bile that rises as we uncover our naked flesh in haste.

So please Sir, Mister old, rich, CEO of Board-Bedrooms and fragile egos,

save your corny love-songs and sorry tales of life-woes and stresses

for your clueless smallies and jaded wives and mistresses.

They can fight for all of you; I just want one little piece for me

This chick’s here for the money; let’s drop the game and pretense

I’ve got too many damn bills and ivy-league school fees to pay!

Really? Did you really think I’d trade in my youth and innocence,

in exchange for a mere frolic of fun under the Southern Sun?

Well, I’ve got some bitter news for you, sick Mister,

we do make a twisted, hopeless, ironic pair, you and I,

go ahead and steal my present; I’ve got your future heir and grandson!

The player got played! We both got screwed!

So tell me, wise Master,

who’s Laughing Now? Ha! Ha!


(c) ‘Kego Onyido 2014 (All rights reserved).


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