#54. My Beautiful Brazil

Soccer 1

I have seen many cups lost and many cups won

Yet one battle broke my heart open and left me all torn

To see my bold, beautiful Brazil, on home soil

They came ready to play their hearts out and did toil

Then, came fair strangers who ushered a new reign

They came for battle, their goals poured like a cold rain

One to remember each day of the Samba drums

A bittersweet number, a symbol of grace, of divine completion

Spectators, hushed into silence, fans wept without consolation

A brave, lonely goal from one of the sons of Rio

And finally, beaten, broken and crushed,

My poor, beautiful Brazil wept

Yes, in this lifetime, many soccer battles have I seen

Yet none like the Germanization of Brazil in 2014!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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