#53. When Life Goes Awry…

ChallengesEmbrace life’s blessings along with her lessons

Everyone you meet comes bearing gifts of light

Everything happens so your path shines bright

Pay attention to the valleys and the mountains

Pay attention to the passions and the pains.

Indeed, some things we are certain about

Truths we know for sure without a doubt

That tomorrow may go either up or down

Life will sometimes swing low or high

Seasons will come and seasons will go

Life speeds up, pauses and then goes so slow.


Some days we love, some we wish away with a sigh

This flux is constant, so never be caught off guard

Drowning in misery, feeling dejected and sad

When life suddenly happens and decides to go awry

You must not get stuck, pondering for days, asking why

Why me? Why now? Why this? Why that? Why not?

For life’s an oscillating pattern, neither here nor there

Some days profound, some we live without a care.


Life will test you, that’s life being life! Sit back; enjoy the game

Play by your rules, choose to evolve, and life’s storms do tame

Have a chuckle and be certain that whatever it dishes up

You are blessed with gifts and resources to rise to the top

Whenever life goes awry, have a good laugh after your cry

Ride the waves with your unique, innate style and sass

In matters of living, you are simply this, a master-class!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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