#52. As I am, now

Don’t ask me to explain myself

What I want or what I don’t

Don’t ask me to explain myself

Who I love or who I don’t.

Because I’d have changed before

you completed your question.

My mind is again reborn

before my answer is formed.

I am transformed, so suddenly

right in mid-sentence.

I become a new person,

wiser, at peace, no longer tense

like I was a few moments ago

All confused and torn up!

So pay close attention

to this new present me, now.

And really see me finally

and love me as I am in the now.

Love me now, fully and totally.


Because in a breath I’d have disappeared

and a new woman will stand in my place.

Majestic, tall and strong, her light I’d feared.

She’s lived in me long before my history

But I’d never really dared to meet her yet.

Each day she reveals a little stunning mystery,

a new layer I now embrace and will never forget.


You may recognize the signs if you so care.

Of the old lost me on her knowing face.

For they are still lurking there,

not completely erased and wiped out.

As gentle reminders, replayed like an old film

that this amazing journey is not a dream.

And she’ll leave behind a few clues, here and there

so her new path you may easily re-trace.

So my love, let’s not fret or worry

about what tomorrow will bring about.

The future will come to us in a hurry.


So ponder not on the ‘why’ and the ‘what’, the ‘how’

Simply dare to open up and accept me as I am, now.

And slowly, let’s learn to re-discover each other –

two familiar strangers meeting yet again.

Free of the past’s heavy weight and pain

Let’s take this unknown journey further and farther.

For with every single choice we make

and with every single breath we take,

a part of us dies and another is reborn.

Unraveling this mystery is but a sweet torment

Simply love me as I am now, in this moment

Together, facing the light, let us both transform.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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