#50. Poem: A Season of Time’s Re-birth!

Happy New Month; new beginnings, new endings, new moments…

Poem: A season of time’s rebirth!

Hush! No noise, no fights, no tears

Hush! Hush! be still, for heaven’s sake

This is not the season for regrets or pains

Today is the sacred, soulful, silent eve

When old hurts, shame, guilt and fears

Are buried away by the promise of the verse

Sung from the hidden hearts of the universe.

Our hearts and spirits lift up in awe at the music

Melting away all the disappointments of yesterday

This is the sacred night of the cross-over

When an old dusk and a new dawn kiss

And make up as a sign of new beginnings

When the day stays up, alert, wide-awake

She is pregnant with the awaited unborn

A full cycle is gone by and so we wait

For the one who comes in the middle

With hopes and dreams offered up in faith.

This is the season of time’s magical rebirth

A new moon arises and the old is put to rest

So call everyone in the tribe, let’s all rejoice

Six stars are revealed from the hidden dozen

Come, come, bearing offerings and gifts

Baskets and buckets of everything desired

Let us gather and celebrate the journey so far

Dancing and singing in praise and worship

As we welcome and usher in a blessed new month!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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