#48. How Are You? Fine?

How are you?

Let’s be kind to everyone we meet,

with love every soul do greet.

We never know what internal demons they fight,

the nightmares they endure day and night.

There’s a science and an art

to soulfully communicating.

When next you’re out and about

relating and connecting,

know without a single doubt

that to someone you may be a tower

A beacon, a haven, a needed lighthouse.

So communicate with heart, soul and power

With a spirit of deep caring and true sharing


Be there in the moment

Present in their presence

Pay attention to the silence

Keen attention to the words

Spoken and unspoken

Formed and formless

As you listen more and talk less

Hear the thoughts ruminating

The forbidden whispers of pains

Circling round in heated brains

Pregnant, never to birth until death


Pay attention to the gestures

To the tone, timbre and textures

See their soul’s truth reflected in the eyes

Watch the dilation of the twin windows

The hidden pain lurking in the shadows

Before this pain spirals into a darker shame

Depression wears a lovely smiling mask

She’s layered up in her disguise,

She’s always fine, upbeat and nice

Last night, she was the life of the party

And today she’s positively upbeat and chatty


She always said she felt great and was ‘fine’

But now we know denial is the deadliest of all sins

For ‘F.I.N.E’ could mean so many different things

F -Feeling Frustrated and F*cked up,

I -Insanely Insecure and Invisible,

N -Negatively Numb and Neurotic,

E -Extremely Exhausted and Edgy!

Indeed she was her version of fine

And we never saw the glaring sign

We’d thought her sleeping peacefully on a warm bed.

Until we found her cold body, dangling, hanging, dead!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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