#47. There’ll Be Days Like This

bad daySometimes, there are really no happy endings to see

Sometimes, it is what it is and not what it should be

Sometimes, what it is isn’t always fair, pretty and tidy

Sometimes, the world is a big bully and you’re an ant, so tiny

Sometimes, you will not feel strong and invincible

Sometimes, you’ll feel undone, small and invisible

Sometimes, everything you see is foggy, no clarity

Sometimes, you may have to let go of what you know

And only then will new waters of possibilities flow

What seems like a really bad storm, is simply you growing

Soon, the fruits of your seeds of pain will start showing

My dear, pay attention to life when everything seems amiss

So that the magical miracles unfolding you may not miss.


Some days,  you may hide from the world in your lonely hole

Where do you flee to when the light leaves your soul?

Who do you turn to when life’s dark, bleak and grey?

When your heart, spirit and lips cannot even pray?

Where do you go to when everything safe disappears?

When your dreams die and all you have are nightmares?

Take a moment to re-source from the eternal source

Know you are one with the message, you’re not a messenger

Sometimes, all you need to do is accept, allow and surrender

Sometimes, you may have to let yourself die to old things

And in your death, new seasons of life  beautifully begins

Everyday and everyone come with divine messages and lessons

Between the sacred spaces, are all your treasures and blessings.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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