#46. #BringBackOurGirls! Little Girl Lost: Zelifat’s Story.

Day 30. Last Day of NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

MotherFloetry: Little Girl Lost: Zelifat’s Story

According to mama, I am destined to be called by not just a single name

I am Ada, Chidubem, OluwaKemi, Inibong, Chinonso, Aminat

On other days, I am Ene, Najite, Anulika, Depriye, Goundu, Zelifat

Today, I am just a lost little girl from Chibok, ordinary, no claim to fame

I am a number, one of two three four

A symbol of a my country’s deep, festering, rotten sore

Hmmmn, I think of mama, Ah, but the innocence and gift of her memory

My poor mother, how she must languish in anguish, and grieve in agony

At the horror of her little girl lost in strange places, amidst stranger faces

Will this nation of people I call family look away with apathy at her plight?

Will my homeland rise up for once and become her sister’s keeper?

As mama wails and her sense of helplessness goes deeper and deeper

Will this siddon dey look nation finally stand up for me and really fight?


They attacked my School in Chibok, in the quiet dead of Night

They call themselves, soldiers! These ignorant Boko Haramites

I call them weak, cowardly dogs, with their tails tucked in flight!

They who stole the innocence of sleep and kidnapped my girlish dreams

Nary a pause in between, childhood to the cruelty of adulthood in a blink

Jolted and shaken up, I never got a chance to catch my breath and think!

Huddled up with my sisters, we pray, and for their sake, I try fervently to be brave

But on some days, I cannot hold back my tears, I am strangled by my darkest fears

Sometimes I taste the bile rise up, for my captors are sick in mind and depraved

I refuse to sleep and pray the days be blessed forever with morning light

I fear the nightmares and horror that come with the darkness of night.


Will they barter my sisters and I off for a few kobo, naira and cowrie beads?

Will we be mounted on auction blocks, lapped at lustfully, while they place their bids?

May the hands of heavens keep them from squeezing and sucking at my unformed breasts

May angels keep guard, that they not defile and invade my womb with their diseased erect heads

If you read this, please take a trip to Chibok, in person or in prayer

and tell my weeping, wounded mother that her little girl shall be back in her arms soon

Tell her nations of the world stood up and fought for us; man, woman and child, all raised their voices

Tell her to wait for me under the shaded tree in the village square, I shall hug her tight as she rejoices

Do tell my mother that I will make it back home untouched and unharmed.

Promise her, do promise her  that I shall see her tomorrow at noon!

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

3 thoughts on “#46. #BringBackOurGirls! Little Girl Lost: Zelifat’s Story.

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  2. Sad, sad, sad! Who is fighting for these girls? Boko Haramites like you call them are really COWARDS! If they were so brave, strong and righteous: why continuously attack the poor that did nothing to them; have no say in the way the country is governed and do not have the means to fight for themselves. Why don’t they go and kidnap the Emir’s daughters or the President’s children or go to the schools where top ranking officials have their kids? WHY KIDNAP CHILDREN AT ALL?


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