#45. Life’s First Morning

Day 29. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

LifePoem: Life’s First Morning

On a day such as this, a rough, lonely today

You’ll find the hidden mysteries of life in perfect play

So let’s play a game of flow and float, and let’s play it right

In this game, you are not the you conditioned by your walls

You are an oscillating energetic beam of pure love and light

Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale the breath of surrender

Close your eyes real tight, let your spirit soar, let go of the fight

You have the power to shift the molecules in the atmosphere

Reach deep, look inwards, and boldly face that familiar fear

Tap into your head space, heart space and spirit space;

Tap into your core, that part of you that has every answer

And get into the zone where you co-create with the creator, the master.


On a day such as this, when negative movies your mind does run

You will wake up and find that your life has just really begun

Breathe in that eternal truth that you are wholly beloved

Tap into that unending spring of love within your heart,

That preceded your creation and from your soul never depart

A love that pours out wisdom, and life’s mysteries solved

A love with power to heal, transform and overcome life’s humps

Feel it all over your body, covered now in sweat and goosebumps

See it in your mind’s eye, in the colour and the pulsating sound

Perceive the aroma in the air, bask in the energy vibrating all around

Hear it in the soft lilting whispers of the runaway, flirting wind

Taste it in fluid motions of your tongue and now as you open your eyes

You’ll see that your soul’s truth has finally buried the phantom of old lies.


On a day such as this, a cold, cold day of pain and death

Instead of being trapped within the  prison walls of mourning

You will finally wake up and experience your first real morning

And celebrate this sacred morning of your awakening and re-birth.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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