#41. Azuka, Iruka: past and future souls collide!

Day 25. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: Azuka, Iruka: past and future souls collide!

Azuka! Iruka!

When past and future souls collide

He was a son of the red soil, a child of seasons past

His ancestors laced him with showers of blessings

And when he came into the earth, they named him Azuka!

May that which is said behind your back be great and whole

May they, seasons past, be anchored on greatness to propel you

She was a child of the whispering winds, a free-spirit, an old soul

She came forth to heal the unforgotten pains of the past

They heard her first shriek of laughter and called her Iruka!

May that which is in the future be more glorious and bigger

May your tomorrow be more wonderful than you ever dreamed


Azuka! Iruka!

Soul-mates, yet locked in a dark dance of guilt and pain

Wound-mates, trapped in a quicksand of shame and blame

And when they both fought, they, past and future collided

The disregarded, unacknowledged present suffered

For he is attached to what was lost and broken

And she is tied to only fears of what could be

For many centuries and many lifetimes

Across the chasms of time and space

They are doomed to repeat this foolish dance


Azuka! Iruka!

Their souls cannot resist the bright tortuous flame

Of both attraction and destruction burning as one

Unwilling to bend or yield, they languish in anguish

Stuck in a hellish limbo, each refuses to let go

Of the sad memories of a past filled with sorrow

And the fearful, distrustful visions of tomorrow

Both so busy in being right, they had no time for right now

Thus, they forgot to create the healing dreams of today

Azuka! Iruka! Past and future souls colliding into nothingness

Or with a simple shift, paradise regained in each other’s arms?

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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