#40. Meet me at the Bridge

Day 24. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!


I invite you to meet me tonight

At the Bridge, with all my stuff in my bag

Struggling to find a glimpse of beauty

I’ll be there, looking lost, staring longingly

at the tempting sight, the brackish waters,

beguiling me, calling me to forget my dreams

My sight as opaque as the darkness, no flicker of light.


Meet me at the bridge

Pacing around, up and down the sidewalks

Neither climbing over, nor on the level ground

Weighed down by this bag of stuff around my chest

Trapped in the grey zone, prison bars of steel railings

And just before the sun sets, I see a glimmer

A shimmer of something akin to light?

Covered in goosebumps, I dare to believe

That there may be more to the water’s reflection

And perhaps choose to commit and honour my dreams?


Meet me at the bridge

With strangers, who are now friends, all around me,

Simply letting me be me, gifting me with their souls’ divinity

They stand in the gap, co-creating sacred space with me

My heart feels the embrace of these souls awakened by love

My truth is spoken and I breathe in the sacred silence

And I strip my soul of its veil and break open this fragile heart

As I sit beside my soul sisters and cry a bucket-full of tears, of joy.


Meet me at the Bridge

On safe grounds, empowered by my friends, now my family

With courage, I choose to set down my bag of stuff

I look at the waters now, so clear, in perfect rhythmic flow

And with a deep knowing, I finally see me reflected back at me

I am grateful for my stuff, I am embracing my stuff, I am free!

My soul sings with joy as I hug my soul sister, Dancing Joy

We celebrate my stuff, with the ancient dance of angel guides

And soon it’s no longer my stuff, it’s just stuff, neither good nor bad

Yes, meet me, right there, here, in the moment, I’ll be there

At the bridge, I am open, in surrender, letting go, growing,

Evolving, transforming, co-creating, manifesting my soul’s truth…..

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).



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