#38. Fare thee well, sister!

Day 22. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: Fare thee well, sister!

(In loving memory of OluwaTosin Adepegba, RIP)


Memories of youth adorned in her innocence

Juxtaposed with a jarring reality that makes no sense

Lost in childhood dreams, we recall images so familiar

Of visions and scents of Zinnia and Bougainvillea

Colours of spring, rains of laughter and pain now merge

As we gather in mourning and compose a heartfelt dirge

Fare thee well dear sister, fare thee well friend

Fare thee well mother, fare thee well daughter

Fare thee well, ’tis really over, ’tis a bitter-sweet end

Your colours of life faded away with the coming of spring

You said goodbye on Easter day, as we danced to a risen King

The roads we once walked together, we now walk all alone

You who talked with angels and read the hidden languages

Of the stars and moons and the universe through all the ages

Could you not have pleaded with the angel of death, your life to spare?

So that we’d never have seen this day, by your graveside, in shock to stare

The irony, that a growth within your body, your life did rob

From the womb to return to the tomb, by way of a fibroid

So young, dear sister, so many unseen years yet unexplored

And we walk in memories, the images of our youth restored

bougainvilleaThe fragrance of zinnia whispering in the air with bougainvillea

We’ll remember you dear sister, dear friend

And as we adorn sack clothes, we see the light at the end

You are the butterfly, transforming into the heavenly realms

Joy and sorrow, twin-sisters, from each other never do part

Perhaps, you are among the chosen, those set aside, to fall not into sin

The young beautiful ones who go forth, ahead of us, to show the path

Of a glorious home, our paradise, often forgotten, often unseen

We’ll remember you, our dear friend, dear sister Tosin,

In the beautiful sights and scents of Zinnia and Bougainvillea

With the innocence of youth shared in a little town called Onitsha.


©2014  Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

11 thoughts on “#38. Fare thee well, sister!

  1. shocking though this loss is, we thank God who knows best, thanx Juliet, reading this tribute poem brings tears to my eyes, i remember her so well,even saw her sometime last year! may her soul rest in peace! and God console the family she left behind.


  2. So sad to hear of another departed. Sweet memoirs you added Juliet which took us back to FGGC Onitsha days. May the Lord comfort and console all as we remember that it is to Him we go! Adieu Tosin


  3. Tosin Adepegba, I remember her so vividly now. Life and death, the bitter-sweet experince yet inevitable. As we seek solace in this beautiful piece of poetry………Adieu Tosin till we meet to part no more!!!


  4. Senior Tosin!!!! Indeed a beautiful tribute to Tosin. Thank you so much Juliet. Remembering her with nostalgic feelings as a junior girl in Bougainvillea house; she was so good to me back then…”The Call” though untimely in the ignorant eyes of man, God in his Almighty deemed it time to call an angel home. The clarion call you answered Tosin. My thoughts and prayers to your loved ones.
    Adieu dear sister
    Adieu sweet angel.


  5. Amazing. Life is indeed a mystery. It hurts so much to hear any of my younger one has left. Oh yes, we will all go,only I wish, that in the sequence we came, we will return to that land where we’ll never grow old…
    May God console her family.


  6. It is a good farewell poem to someone like Tosin. I like the nostalgia you brought into it “…of scents of Zinnia to Bougainvillea…” I actually remember in those day-wears of both houses. Farewell Tosin!


  7. As I read through this poem in shock and disbelief, tears welled in my eyes. Indeed, life is short and we must live this life with a sense of purpose, touching every one in a meaningful way. May the LORD comfort and strengthen all who loved her in JESUS’ Name. Thank you for the memories J.


  8. Juliet, memories of youth restored indeed! Life is a mystery. I close my eyes and I can see us gisting in class at onitsha. No one knows what tomorrow holds. Rest in the arms of angels friend of my youth. It is well. Beautiful poem btw.


    • Adesuwa, thanks. Indeed, it is so bitter-sweet. I remember her so clearly, and as much as it hurts, I believe that God has the best plans for her. Our thoughts and prayers to the family she left behind. Yes, it is well, IJN. -Juliet ‘Kego


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