#32. At Maya’s Feet

Day 16. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: At Maya’s Feet

MayaOf gifted, wise role models and of curious, lost young minds uncovered

Of passions re-kindled, of paths revisited and of dreams re-discovered

Of phenomenal creatures who bless our path and go off to peaceful sleep

Their purpose not that we mourn rather that we awaken to life, and celebrate

Someday, this empty search will end and the real sojourn will begin

A journey of discovery, of uncommon beauty and grace, and of power

I will look across the room and see her, she will recognize me from afar

The energy around her is alive, she stands tall, a smiling pillar, a soulful tower

In that magical, miraculous moment, she will wave me over and we will meet

And it will be in a sacred place, a spiral vortex fusing the here and the hereafter

In realms beyond this earthly noise, to the sounds of angelic laughter

And within seconds, you will find me comfortably kneeling at her feet

I will be quiet, and to make sure I catch every whispered word, I will lean in.

I will stand in my power, awakened, alive, fully present in her presence

The genius teacher and the student who’s followed and looked up to her

New Orleans and Amichi, colliding, intersecting, it does make sense

With no walls separating us, no worlds in between, only truth, no lies

I drink in and bask in that ephemeral, phenomenal spirit and ageless soul

I will look up and she will see herself reflected in these seeking brown eyes

Our unspoken, broken words vibrate in the silent, sacred spaces and become whole

And with her strong, feeble fingers, she will firmly take and hold my  right hand

In a language that only true seekers and masters of light and love understand

We’ll have a feast and feed on the words, drinking in recitals in sing-song cadence.

They will look for me and I will be gone, away from the madness

To the mountains, embracing a life of forgiveness, acceptance, love and kindness

I have journeyed back to my doorsteps, back home, to find and use my voice

And I will keep calm in stormy waters, knowing that I live and breath my choice:

To live and breathe these sacred written-spoken words, and to the formless give form

Words that heal, words that create, words that re-connect and souls transform

The hopes of ancestors past, the dreams of the  present and the promises of the unborn

Yes, you will find me, with my heart all lit

Joyously nestled at Maya’s feet.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).


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