#30. A Love-Song For Couples.

Day 14. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: A Love-Song For Couples


May you each dig deep and find self-love

so that you can truly love the other person.

You can only share who you are,

you can only give what you have.

For it is only in first loving yourself

that you can you truly love another.

When your souls thirst or hunger

for the beauty of life, may you be quenched

with the waters of unconditional love

May you be courageous to have boundaries and uproot the weeds in your garden of love

May you each be a perfect witness of the awesomeness of your lives to the glory of the creator

May you complement each other, yet find your completion from the source of all creation

May you transit beautifully from the giddiness and passion of ‘blind’ romantic love

To a deeper, filling, abiding love that allows you to see and accept each other exactly as you are

Stripped, vulnerable and bare, and still love each other even more deeply, passionately and truly

May you take each other down from fanciful pedestals and choose to stay rooted in the gift of reality

May you always remember that marriage is freestyle and that your style will evolve over the years

Yet the foundation will remain the same: transcendent mutual love, honour, respect and trust…

And know that in putting the other person first above all, you uplift yourself too

May you find sweet solace from the stress of the rat race in each other’s warm embrace

May you always answer each other’s phone calls with a smile and prayer in your voice

May you never lose your sense of humour, sense of self, passion and adventure

May you always remember sweet tender moments and learn from hurtful experiences

And still choose to leave any painful hurts in the past where they truly belong

Without perpetuating the myth of already healed wounds in a bid to play victim

May you consciously take time and resources to create memories

That will continually fuel your relationship in periods of droughts

May you take time off from life and dance bare-feet to your own music

A unique composition, blended from rhythms of your hearts and souls.

May you grow towards the light of God, in different forms and at different paces

Yet ultimately together, intimately and intricately joined, in the same direction

May you always find each other in this crowded maze of life

May God bless and keep the fires of your love alive forever

As you continue to bask in the mystery and wonder of your love

And create, heal, build, share, connect, serve and celebrate each other!

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

5 thoughts on “#30. A Love-Song For Couples.

  1. Right on point J, I agree with you. ” you can only share who you are, and give what you have” to people. We have been challenged to go dig deeper, find our inner peace and energy to be able to love passionately and unconditionally because love is a beautiful thing.


  2. Juno I have been reading your poems and I must say they are simply fantastic. this particular one is a bomb. So true and real and touching. Please keep it up my sister. The sky is certainly the beginning for you.


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