#29. Let’s Take it to the Minister!

Day 13. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: Let’s Take it to the Minister.

Many of your kind have come and gone

We’ve heard of them all, we’ve known some

Yet you have chosen to come to us

Of your own free will, not by a dictator’s force

Many administrations in the past have promised and failed

They raise our hopes and then cruelly bury them in coffins, tightly nailed

Oh sir, you are clearly heaven-sent

And we believe this time it’ll be different

We are certain that this time you’ll see us through

We hear you’re a minister of words and actions too!


You come to see an institution once grand, now a mess

Indeed, our wants are few and our needs are even less

A games court we need dear sir

To turn our amateurs into superstars

And bring fulfilment to every little girl’s dream

And if you may throw in a borehole for clean water

We’ll be finally stop drinking from the Nsugbe stream

And be free of this vile liquid laden with amoeba!

We hope for security for students, teachers and coaches

For fumigated grounds, free of snake-lizards and roaches!


Our libraries are bare and we so love to read and explore

So grant our  humble wishes, and our former glory do restore

Indeed sir, of the many of your kind who have come and gone

Trust-worthy, honourable and accountable? We dare say none!

Nothing beyond the site tours, photos ops and the welcome speeches

Beyond the beautiful egedege dances, poetry recitals and musical acts

They were all a charade of government sycophants, side-kicks and leeches

They come here with empty sweet words and greedily chop our allocation

We are thankful that you are a man who values education and skillful vocation

With an open heart you’ve chosen to come to us,

In your spirit, we find nothing hidden, and nothing sinister

With confidence, with one voice, pro unitate, we finally say: Let’s take it to the minister!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).




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