#14. Floetry by JulietKego: MY FIVE FINGERS.


My childrenMy work is done here
I am free and I know no fear
I am alive and I dance in ecstasy
To the music of heaven’s choir
I leave my right hand behind
With five beautiful fingers from the King
Four gleaming swords and a sharp shapely arrow
They stand strong, tall and proud
Solid proof that I was once here.

They are the gifts I leave behind
My essence poured into the blood of their veins
You will find cups of my laughter
Hidden in the hollows of their dimpled smiles
My pain lurking in the tears that never fall behind their silken lashes
My beauty radiating in the love that resides in their hearts
And I will always be, I will never end
Because someday, these fingers will mould their own fingers
From the clay of our earth
And breathe life into them.

Yes, my work is done here
Every breathe is but jara
I wait patiently for the coming of the King
And the glorious last dance when the angels sing
In this banquet of eternal life.

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

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